From their very first contact with Doctors Hospital, patients enjoy a smooth and efficient service, just by following these simple procedures:

  • Ensure that you have photo identification such as a driver’s licence or passport;
  • Bring your insurance card and payment method;
  • Be aware of your appointment time;
  • Know what your insurance covers you for. (Go online and print your insurance if possible so that you can be prepared for what you need to pay);
  • If it is your first time at Doctors Hospital, come half an hour early to allow for us to obtain all your information before your appointment.

Other important information to ensure a speedy service

  • Call the accounts department before scheduled procedures to get an estimate of cost and an understanding of how bill can be paid.
  • Payment plans should be planned and cleared with the finance department beforehand for non-emergency cases. Liaise with your doctor to know what procedures will be used so that you can get an estimate of costs.
  • Statements run monthly on the 10th of the month, only if payment is due from that patient. Patients are responsible for any part of the fees left after the insurance has paid their part.
  • All amounts pending insurance after 45 days are transferred to the patient. It is important for the patient to liaise with their insurance provider about the payment in this eventuality as most insurance companies have a six-month period of time to file a claim, and if there is a problem with the claim, your time for reimbursement could run out.

Consultation & Treatment Fees

Although your fees (excluding deductible and co-pay) will be billed directly to your health insurance company, it remains your responsibility to check that your health insurance plan covers the cost of your consultations and treatments. You will be asked to pay fees not reimbursed by your insurance company.

Please ensure your account is settled promptly and in full before leaving the hospital.