Dr. Sidney Ebanks, MBBS

General Physician

Dr. Sidney Ebanks


Dr. Sidney Ebanks is a general physician and primary care doctor who has been with the CTMH | Doctors Hospital since 2003.

Dr. Ebanks received his MBBS from University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica and has practiced medicine in Kingston as well as in the Cayman Islands.

In addition to whole body wellness, Dr. Ebanks also has specialised interest in chest and respiratory diseases as well as preventative cardiology. He additionally has an interest in diseases of the gall bladder and pancreas, bone and joint care, hypertension and cholesterol management. Dr. Ebanks is equipped and well-versed in the care of trauma and urgent care patients.

Patients can contact Dr. Ebanks by calling 949 6066 ext 206. Appointments can be booked through the CTMH | Doctors Hospital Operator at 345.949.6066.