Providing mindful healthy eating options is a top priority in the Nourish kitchen. Nourish offers patients, staff and visitors a menu of famous local dishes, flavourful ‘Nourish bowls,’ salads and different international-themed meals. During your next visit, make sure to stop by for a high-quality, nutritious and delicious meal at Doctors Hospital. ​

About Zest

Zest is a well-known food service provider in Cayman with a mission to make mealtime convenient, delicious and nutritious. Zest works with local purveyors to source high-quality, sustainable ingredients that are non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free. They specialize in fresh meal kits (Zest Kit) and healthy, calorie-mindful, ready-made meals (Zest Fit). Zest is now bringing their expertise in meal planning to the healthcare industry as Nourish.

Nourish will provide Doctors Hospital’s patients and staff with the same high-quality, sustainable food that has nourished Cayman for over ten years.