Doctors Hospital has decided to “spice things up” to provide patients, visitors and employees with a broad array of healthy local as well as international food options throughout the day.

With Kitchen Table, The Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to inpatients, visitors as well as staff. We have a fresh daily breakfast and lunch menu. Additionally, we also have an a la carte menu and snack options throughout the day including essential coffee specialties.

Chef Wayne Spencer

Wayne found his cuisine calling while working at a French Restaurant in New York City as a Dishwasher over 15 years.

He has progressed as a Chef with a passion for food and people.

After working in various Restaurants and Hotels in American, in 2014 he decided to move to his land of birth, Cayman Island, to work with the Marriott Hotel.

Wayne was restless and relentless in his dream to own and manage his own restaurant.

Hence the birth of the Kitchen Table, owned and operated by Wayne and his wife Sharon. 

With his wealth of knowledge and great passion for food, he is prepared to give you Homestyle cooking with a Fine Dining experience.