Christmas time is known as a time of caring, sharing and giving.  Dr. Lockhart and CTMH have the Christmas Spirit and are spreading joy to local children by organizing a tree and ornaments for the psychiatry section of Health Services Authority (HSA). Dr.  Lockhart is the director of psychiatric and behavioral health at HSA and also works with children at CTMH.  While splitting his time between CTMH and HSA he sees disadvantaged children and helps them through their troubled times.

Dr Lockhart states, “Christmas is a tough time of year for these children who come from disadvantaged homes. It creates new challenges for them to deal with and it is important that we keep them involved in the joy of Christmas wherever we can so that they can feel part of the festive season.”

Dr. Lockhart requested a donation from CTMH to assist with the Christmas decorations for the children’s outpatient facility.  Dr. Antonia Hawkins, who works at HSA as a child psychologist, sought donations for the children outpatient facility as well.  With the monetary donation from CTMH and the generous help of Uncle Bill’s staff the tree was assembled on Thursday, the 3rd of December to bring joy to those who need it the most.

Both physicians are impressed with the difference the tree has made to their patients reaction to being at the outpatient facility. “We are very pleased that Christmas cheer could be brought to the department.  This is especially true when considering the situation that you see the children in. It is remarkable how many comments we have received about the tree already” States Dr. Lockhart.  “The children are thrilled to have the tree there and it has proven to be an engaging item for them as it brings positive energy to their therapeutic sessions, which is very important for the children.”

CTMH is also going to be donating some toys to the HSA Children’s psychiatric ward.  This will enable the HSA allow the children to communicate and express themselves through the use of various toys and educational items.  It also give the waiting room area a warm and inviting feeling which breaks up any tension the children might be feeling.

Dr Antonia Hawkins states, “Our heartfelt thanks to all who were involved in making this Christmas special for the Children of Cayman. This will be one for them to remember.”