CTMH Doctors Hospital was once again a proud sponsor of this year’s Cayman Islands Cancer Society Health Fair in Conquering Cancer. CTMH Doctors Hospital was present with their “New Blue” at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort for a day of cancer awareness and education. The sponsorship was a great fit, at CTMH Doctors Hospital, we provide medical advances for cancer prevention, less invasive screening options, early detection, more precise diagnoses and improved outcomes. CTMH Doctors Hospital is constantly in the pursuit of the latest medical research and development in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.

Cancer prevention means lowering the chances of getting cancer in the first place by doing things proactively, such as practicing healthy eating and getting plenty of exercise.  Screening for pre-cancerous spots (finding lesions before they turn irreversibly into cancer) is also recommended. By spreading awareness, we hope to lower the number of deaths caused by this global disease. CTMH Doctors Hospital’s state-of-the-art facility & technology assists greatly with the diagnosis process.

CTMH Doctors Hospital wants to thank all those who came out to the CICS event and showed their support to the community. It was a fun-filled awareness event, as the health community came together to spread awareness. One of CTMH Doctors Hospital Imaging Radiologists – Dr. Roland Talanow proudly spoke on ‘What should I Do if I Think I Might Have Cancer or Be at Risk’.  Dr. Talanow’s presentation for this Public Health Fair helped educate the Cayman communities in the right approaches to monitoring oneself for cancer as opposed to self-diagnosing. CTMH Doctors Hospital also had their very own visiting specialist/ Oncologist – Dr. Dwight Lowe present on the ‘Advances in the treatment of Metastatic Colonic Cancer’. CTMH Doctors Hospital additionally had their very own General Surgeon – Dr. Darley Solomon sharing his specialization in treating patients with abdominal pain, hernias, gallbladder, and colonoscopies to screen for colon cancer.

Join CTMH Doctors Hospital in conquering cancer by spreading awareness and learning about our Oncology related services today. At CTMH Doctors Hospital we provide Exceptional Care Close to Home.