Patient Declaration, Personal Data Statement and Communication

 Your Personal Information (Data Protection and Patient Privacy):

Legal basis for processing your data: Health Practice Law (2017 Revision) in order to provide you with healthcare services and under the Data Protection Law, 2017 (‘DPL’). Additionally, the Public Health Law (as per the amendment to the Public Health Law 2002 Revision, Gazetted and passed in the Extraordinary Gazette 19/2020 – Published: 12th March 2020) which lists COVID-19 as a Notifiable Disease; and while a positive COVID-19 test result is categorized as ‘sensitive medical data’; we are obligated under the Public Health Law revisions referred to above, to report this to the Public Health Department for the greater good of the population.

At Doctors Hospital we adhere strictly to the eight data protection principles which can be accessed on the Ombudsman site.

As such, under the DPL, schedule 2 provides us with condition 1. “The data subject has given consent to the processing.” DPL schedule 3, condition 1. Also allows “the data subject has given consent to the processing of personal data.” DPL schedule 5 also stipulates that: one of the conditions of consent is that: “The data subject shall have the right to withdraw consent at any time.”

Communication of your COVID-10 test result:

Doctors Hospital knows you are eager to know your test results. As such, we will send your results via text messages and /or email or we may need to get in touch with you.

Your declaration to us:

  • I confirm that the information provided above regarding my declaration, personal data statement and communication is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I have read and understood the legal basis for processing of my sensitive medical data, as described above.
  • I understand that Doctors Hospital has the right to accept or decline my registration at any time.
  • In understand and accept the fee schedule for health services as explained/provided to me.

    Please tick the box below:

    One exception - Opting out does not apply to receiving financial statements via email.

    Thank you for sending your opt-out request.


    Data Protection Law 2017. (Supplement No. 1 published with Gazette No. 12 – dated 5th June 2017. Law 33 of 2017) George Town, Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly.