Students working to become doctors, nurses or healthcare professionals will have a new scholarship opportunity to help pay for their education, thanks to a new initiative recently launched at CTMH. The CTMH Scholarship Fund, given in part by CTMH’s very own Doctors Donate community outreach programme.

“Doctors Donate is a way that the new shareholders, staff and doctors can give back to the community.  The launch of the programme with the Annual CTMH Scholarship Fund is a great way to bring awareness of the ongoing needs in the community and help individuals follow their educational dreams when it might not be possible otherwise,” said Dr. Patrick Auman, Administrator of CTMH.  “CTMH would not be what it is today without highly educated and trained staff.  The CTMH Scholarship Fund is not only vital to the continued success of CTMH but to the overall health of the community as well.”

Four nursing and allied health students are already reaping the rewards of being selected for The CTMH Scholarship.  A small reception was held at the Tasting Room in honour of the recipients, Shaquille Heath, Whitney General, Tiffany Polloni and Ciara Best.  Dr. Yaron Rado Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Radiologist, “The recipients have demonstrated their tenacity for determination in the field of healthcare.  We look forward to seeing them grow in this area upon their return from their education.  We are pleased to celebrate their upcoming accomplishments!”

The CTMH Scholarship Fund is a new resource established by the new owners of CTMH hospital. For more information about these scholarships, Doctors Donate and other opportunities, please contact Renee Howell, Marketing Director for CTMH at 345-947-8755.