On Thursday April 20th, 2017 at 9:50am CTMH | Doctors Hospital delivered their first baby girl in their newly renovated and exceptionally updated Maternity Ward. Local parents – Daniel and Suneeta Lee were overjoyed when meeting their first child (Aurora Juliet Lee). Weighing at 7 pounds, 3 ounces, Aurora J. Lee gripped her father’s finger in great health refusing to let go.

CTMH Doctors Hospital has the only private maternity suites in the Cayman Islands. They have been designed for your comfort, ensuring a positive and memorable birthing experience. Grandmother Mimi stated, “The Doctors and Nurses communicate through every step of the way. They all took the time to talk to us and explain each process. This approach allowed for the entire family to feel at ease. It has a nice personal touch that is very family oriented.”

The Lee Family – Suneeta Lee, Aurora J. Lee, and Daniel Lee.

CTMH Doctors Hospital believes that it is crucial (especially for new mothers) to be informed as much as possible. The staff stands by an effective communication channel that creates a comforting environment after the birthing process. The new ward offers amenities even for the significant other; including in-room accommodations. This allows for the mother’s supportive partner to spend the night and remain close by during their stay.

CTMH Doctors Hospital strives to make sure you have a great experience from the moment you come through the doors as expecting parents to when you leave with your new bundle of joy. Daniel & Suneeta Lee explained when interviewed, that the hospital staff were “Very professional, communicative, friendly and surpassed all expectations!” These local parents were most impressed by the standards of Maternity Services that CTMH has to offer. “Everybody in the world should come here to have their baby!”, furthered Grandma Mimi.