In collaboration with the Breast Cancer Foundation, we at CTMH Doctors Hospital are striving to provide even more relief to our cancer patients. BCF has donated the new cold cap product that helps prevent hair loss due to cancer treatments and a brand-new freezer for the caps themselves. The Breast Cancer Foundation with CTMH Doctors Hospital have worked together in training and the implementation of this new therapy.

With this generous donation, we at CTMH Doctors Hospital are able to treat cancer patients while preserving their hair. It is a common thought that resonates throughout the world that a person’s hair is a part of their beauty; we would love to be able to preserve a person’s confidence of feeling beautiful all the way through their journey of chemotherapy treatments.

The theory behind scalp hypothermia is that the cooling tightens up or constricts blood vessels in the scalp. This constriction is thought to reduce the amount of chemo that reaches the cells of the hair follicles. The cold also decreases the activity of the hair follicles and makes them less attractive to chemo, which targets rapidly dividing cells. This could reduce the effect of chemo on the follicle cells and, as a result, prevent or reduce hair loss from the scalp.

Our visiting oncologist Dr. Dwight Lowe educates our patients about the cold cap therapy and makes it clear that is it not always a 100% guarantee that the hair will remain. Mrs. Janet Fitzgerald and Ms. Lydia Forbes from the Breast Cancer Foundation and support group further educate the patients about techniques such as but not limited to; using a mild shampoo to wash hair, avoid harsh chemicals and using a wide tooth comb to detangle hair.

Oncology Nurse Lelieth Walker states, “Truly it has been an amazing experience seeing these patients move to the wellness aspects on the illness to wellness continuum. As a nurse, its really fulfilling to be able to offer this service and offer hope to someone going through such a devastating experience.”