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CTMH Doctors Hospital was once again a proud sponsor of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society Health Fair in Conquering Cancer. The theme for this year’s conference will look at the future of healthcare in the Cayman Islands. Particularly how the medical community is preparing for the next generation. Health awareness is on the rise and CTMH Doctors Hospital ready to rise with it. Our very own visiting Oncology Specialist, Dr. Dwight Lowe and newest member to the CTMH Doctors Hospital family, Dr. Zanele Balang, Paediatrician; plan to grip the minds of the upcoming attendees with hard-hitting facts and realities in medical care today. Through these medical landmarks, the exploration into the future will reveal a glimpse of what is to come and what progress has been made.

CTMH Doctors Hospital offers a comprehensive range of oncology-related services for both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Dr. Dwight Lowe is an oncologist who has been practising at CTMH Doctors Hospital as a visiting specialist since 2014. Dr. Lowe provides care for patients with hematologic (blood) disorders as well as many forms of cancer. Often times cancer treatment involves chemotherapy, which is the use of certain kinds of drugs to destroy cancer cells. Patients receiving chemotherapy can often have a weakened immune system, therefore, chemotherapy must be prepared in a sterile (germ-free) environment. This is to ensure no bacteria or contaminants are administered to the patients who are vulnerable to infections.

CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy has installed a state-of-the-art cleanroom, which provides a germ-free environment for chemotherapy preparations by our specially trained pharmacists and technicians. Our specialists review every chemotherapy order to ensure safe preparation and administration of these drugs in a comfortable oncology suite. The oncology team at CTMH Doctors Hospital works with patients and their families to ensure their experience is as comfortable as possible.

We have the exceptional staff to bring you world-class family-centred care. Which includes our Paediatric Services. Dr. Zanele Balang is our newest addition to our family and what a spark of light she is. After spending over a decade in the field of medicine, Dr. Balang understands all too well the need for a Paediatrician who can take care of a child’s entire healthcare needs from birth to adolescence. As a mom, she knows how challenging it can be to see a different doctor every time and thus developed a passion for a concierge-style model of practice that promotes doctor to patient relationship. At CTMH Doctors Hospital, we provide routine screenings and follow up care for patients with chronic and acute conditions. We liaise closely with parents to ensure the best possible care for their children.

Don’t miss out this September, come be a part of something exceptional at the 10th Annual Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference.

Featured Staff

  • Dr. Zanele Balang

    Dr. Zanele Balang is a registered Paediatrician at Doctors Hospital.

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    Dr. Zanele Balang

  • Dr. Dwight Lowe

    Dr. Dwight  Lowe MBBS DM Dr. Dwight Lowe is a visiting Oncologist with Doctors Hospital. Dr. Lowe has been practising out of our Visiting Specialist Clinic since November 2014. Dr. Lowe has more than 12 years of relevant experience having graduated from UWI – Mona with his MBBS followed by his earning of his DM (Clinical […]

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    Dr. Dwight Lowe