CTMH Doctors Hospital is proud to announce that our family is still growing. A big welcome to our new GP – Dr. Renisha David from the UK. Her practice is rooted into her DNA as her mother was a successful nurse, passionate in supporting the people around her and giving back to the community. With both her parents from the Caribbean she felt all too familiar in spreading her wings to Grand Cayman. It all started for Dr. David when she was in her GCSE work experience with a hospital neurologist and on the ward. She learned at very young age that the intricacies of hospital teamwork for one individual can save the lives of many. Her drive in Healthcare didn’t stop there as within the next couple years she was off to Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas’ Medical School, London. Prior to this, she completed a BSC in Psychology with Basic Medical Science.

Dr. Renisha David has a special interest in exercise medicine and is passionate about the use of exercise on prescription for the management of chronic disease. She believes in empowering the community by encouraging patients to take ownership in their health and to change the negative stigma’s that go with physical exercise in todays society. Dr. David would like to begin cracking down on Cayman’s Obesity Statistics and provide an olive branch to those in need of a healthier lifestyle. She is currently completing a master’s degree in sport and exercise medicine at Queen Mary’s University, London. She also has an interest in lifestyle Medicine and General well-being.