The surgical team at CTMH has been keeping busy after the recent sale of the hospital. The team has been focused on patients, and keeping abreast of the latest technologies. Their most recent state-of-the-art surgical procedures have included some Harmonic Scalpel assisted Thyroidectomies.

“From the patient’s perspective,” explained Dr. Sidney Ebanks, Physician at CTMH, “one of the advantages of this procedure over the traditional procedure is the reduction in complications such as bleeding and scarring.” The team of doctors assisting with this particular procedure was very happy with the outcome. CTMH Surgeon Dr. Darley Solomon stated, “Recent studies have shown the harmonic scalpel significantly decreases operating time, blood loss and post-operative pain.”


What is a thyroidectomy?

This is a surgical procedure to remove part or all of a person’s thyroid.

Where is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of your neck.

What does the thyroid do?

It helps regulate your body’s metabolism.

Why would someone need a thyroidectomy?

A thyroidectomy might be needed if you have:

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Non-cancerous growths on the thyroid
  • An enlarged thyroid
  • An over-active thyroid

What types of thyroidectomies are there?

  • A total thyroidectomy is a procedure to remove the entire thyroid.
  • A partial thyroidectomy means that just a portion of the gland is taken out.

What happens during the surgery?

  • A thyroidectomy can take up to three hours, depending on the type of surgery you’re having. Harmonic Scalpel assisted thyroidectomies like those performed at CTMH, are usually quicker than traditional thyroidectomies. Most studies report about a 30% savings in operating room time.
  • General anaesthesia is given. This means you won’t be conscious during the procedure.
  • The surgeon will remove part or all of your thyroid through an incision in your neck.
  • A catheter may be placed in the area to help drain blood and fluids.

In several studies done, the superiority of ultrasonic devices, such as the Harmonic Scalpel, were proven as time-saving, less blood loss and allowed for faster healing times.

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