The Registered Nurses at the CTMH has recently received Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification. This dedication to continuing quality improvement is to provide exceptional care, medical standards and hospital experience for each and every patient we treat.

ACLS training provides a set of clinical procedures used for the treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions that are published and endorsed by the American Heart Association. These certifications qualify the individuals for treating cardiac emergencies among patients. The right training and techniques can contribute to saving the lives of many.

“Quality and patient centred care are the cornerstones of the culture at CTMH.” stated Nicola Fleming R.N. “As a growing cohesive team, we are delighted that all of our Registered Nurses are now skilled in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Our dedicated Nursing team are not satisfied with just being adequate, we strive for excellence in Nursing care and are proactive in continuing with new skills and education.”

“We are very proud of our staff for achieving this accomplishment,” said Dr. Patrick Auman, Administrator of CTMH. “This highly developed skill set allows our nurses to successfully treat a variety of cardiac emergencies, including coronaries.”

“This certification represents our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional health care in Grand Cayman.” said Merry-Jo Levers, Chief Nurse at CTMH.