(A balance of treatment, prevention, and wellness.)

Exceptional, private-sector healthcare is laying roots in the heart of Camana Bay with Doctors Hospital, a locally-owned institution dating back to 2000.

Doctors Hospital is changing the nature of healthcare, with patients at the center of the model. The hospital’s multifaceted and highly personalized approach focuses on a range of services that are responsive, proactive, and preventative. 

Hospital Administrator Dr. Ed Hansen, Ph.D. MA, acknowledges that “The whole country has had to adjust to a ‘new normal.’ Our organization is committed to being proactive rather than reactive in the best interest of our patients, the community and the country, as we and our various partners in hospital and healthcare service delivery evolve with a range of changing needs and realities – some still unknown.”

In March of this year, Doctors Hospital partnered with Australian medical services firm Ozgene to launch its COVID-19 testing facility to accelerate testing capacity across the island. Doctors Hospital is now expanding its advanced PCR and antibody testing into Camana Bay to further track and isolate COVID-19 carriers, trace their contacts, and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Their flagship medical/surgical hospital located in the heart of George Town remains open and fully functional as the complementary Information and Testing Centre officially launches in Camana Bay on August 24, 2020.

Dr. Yaron Rado, Board Chairman, and Chief Radiologist, indicates that the hospital’s vision for Camana Bay is driven by “patient-centered care, which is delivered by a fully empowered team of professionals and the latest advancements in medicine and technology.” Along with COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing, early days will include outpatient consultations and educational opportunities for a range of specialized medical and surgical services such as bariatric and weight management, cardiology & interventional cardiology, oncology, and holistic care for men, women, and children.

“Evidenced-based holistic healthcare harmonizes well with the Doctors Hospital commitment towards prevention, healing, and community.” said David Pellow, Chief Pharmacist/Financial Controller, and Board Vice-Chairman. “We are proud to integrate healthcare services into the Camana Bay community which are backed by a fulsome hospital setup with 24/7 specialist care, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory and admission services – all without switching healthcare providers.”

“We understand that community and its constituents are a living, breathing organism with a range of special attributes and evolving needs,” Dr. Hansen said. “Our hospital will always be a part of a dynamic system in a dynamic environment that assists in creating an ongoing culture of wellness. It is at the heart of our tagline ‘an unwavering commitment to your changing health.’”

Members of the public can book their COVID-19 PCR or antibody test through the Doctors Hospital Care Centre at 325-9000, or online directly at covid19.doctorshospitalcayman.com. Residents can also stay informed on the expanding suite of services at Camana Bay at doctorshospitalcayman.com.