Dr. Yaron and Dr. Sophia Rado, in honour of the staff at Doctors Hospital, are donating 100 meals per day, seven days a week,  to the Cayman Food Bank for distribution to those in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Kitchen Table, the restaurant based at the hospital, is preparing the healthy meals, which are being distributed by Cayman Food Bank volunteers.

Dr. Yaron Rado, chief radiologist and chairman of Doctors Hospital, said in a statement, “While we are medically doing everything to flatten the curve regarding the CoVid-19 crisis here in Cayman, we are mindful of those that this crisis has already involuntarily impacted, either through social isolation or unemployment.”

He added, “We are here and committed to supporting our community with the help of partners at the Cayman Food Bank and The Kitchen Table restaurant.​”

He said he and his wife were making the donations “in honour of the amazing work the medical and non-medical staff at Doctors Hospital are doing to keep the hospital, the island, and our community prepared for COVID-19”.

The Cayman Food Bank delivered the first 50 meals on Monday to the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre and Meals On Wheels.

“I encourage corporations and individual members of the public to make monetary or food contributions to the Cayman Food Bank. It will help to maintain the Food Bank’s operations, which are for the benefit of our most vulnerable,” Alric Lindsay, a volunteer with the Food Bank, said.