The GEM (Going the extra mile) Award, is for particularly notable and outstanding contributions to CTMH Doctors Hospital employees and its mission. The winner is selected based on their insight, innovation, skill, and dedication to their work. This award is presented to honour our hospital staff and how they performed their duties in an exceptional manner that boost morale, productivity and inspires others to excellence. The winner is kept as a surprise and a party is thrown inviting the entire CTMH Doctors Hospital Family. The chosen employee is given a cash prize, award, special parking spot for the month, picture and name on the plaque in the lobby.

Sedrena Benjamin from the Laboratory was nominated for the month of May for manning the Lab completely on her own for both day and night on May 12, 2017. The team of three Lab technicians became a team of one, as one was on vacation and the other became suddenly ill. She made no complaint and went about her day as if nothing was happening. She did not leave the Lab until 9:00pm that night, making sure the day’s work was done and the results documented.

A surprise party was organized to honour Sedrena while supporters waited for the big reveal. The hospital Administrator, Dr. Patrick Auman, presented the awards and shared this wonderful story with the CTMH Doctors Hospital Family. The party was full of laughter, cake, and family support. At CTMH Doctors Hospital our staff pride themselves on Exceptional Care Close To Home.