Celebrated in September, National Literacy Month is a global movement to commemorate literacy awareness and marks a unique opportunity for people to come together as one and share their passion for a literate world. In the Cayman Islands, a segment of students still leave schools without obtaining literacy levels. It is vital for our community to the reach the basic levels of reading and writing.

As a National Literacy Month Initiative, CTMH with the help of Rotary Central, Cayman Islands has participated in The Little Free Libraries Project. The Little Free Library has been placed in one of our waiting areas to encourage people to read and learn. By including the free library in the hospital, we hope to inculcate the habit of reading and writing as basic education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

We are happy to have our free little library and serve the community in any way we can. We would like to thank Rotary Central, Cayman Islands for allowing us be a part of this important cause, we hope to spread hope and life.