Top on Dr. Patrick Auman’s list for improvements at Cayman’s private hospital, CTMH, is the development of a concierge service for patients that will be akin to the five-star service received at a top hotel. The hospital’s newly installed Administrator said this was part of a much wider development programme he had planned that will see big changes for the hospital in the months and years to come.

Dr. Auman has been brought into CTMH to oversee all operations of the 18-bed hospital, providing state-of-the art healthcare to the Cayman community and the visitors of the Cayman Islands. He brings with him a vast wealth of knowledge, having operated in the United States for 30 years within the field of hospital administration, gaining experience with multiple sized hospitals, working in medical facilities that range from 550-bed academic medical centres to 25-bed critical access hospitals, and everything in between.

He gave some background to his most recent experience.

“Over the last five years I have acted as an interim CEO assigned to hospitals that may be in distress, perhaps where the former CEO had been discharged,” he advised. “I would put together a strategic plan for the facility to help it move forward.”

Dr. Auman, whose considerable qualifications have afforded him a broad-based background in staff development, strategic planning, operational management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance, said that he believed his wealth of experience would be of great use at CTMH.

“I have really been caught up in the enthusiasm of all concerned, and in particular from Dr. Yaron Rado, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Radiologist,” he confirmed.

The small size of the CTMH in relation to other medical facilities in which he has worked was particularly appealing for Dr. Auman.

“Hospitals of the size of CTMH allow me to get to know all the staff and many of the patients,” he confirmed. “Although I’ve only been here a few weeks I have already been able to get to know some of our patients, which is a benefit of working in a small facility. When I worked in some of the larger academic medical facilities in the States I didn’t even get to know all the staff,” he said.

Dr. Auman said that he was currently shoring up the infrastructure of the hospital, including completing his staffing team, implementing policy protocol and making changes to methodology, that would then allow him to make the changes he perceived need to be made.

“I have recently employed an assistant administrator for business services with whom I worked in the US on a previous engagement who proved crucial,” he advised. “I’m currently working with the Board to define strategies. It is all a work in progress but I would hope to have the concierge service installed by this fall.”

A hospital concierge officer has been hired to oversee the service.

Dr. Auman said his vision for a concierge service meant that the patient would be walked through their procedure, from start to finish, resulting in an enriching experience for the patient and more efficiencies for the physician.

Other developments that he sees as crucial to the success of the CTMH are currently “well in the developmental stages”, with some still in the conceptual phase.

“But all ideas are being enthusiastically considered,” he concluded.“Please stand by for continued news of new developments as they happen.”

As published by Cayman Reporter