3T Cayman is a private MRI clinic located at the Health Services Authority Hospital in George Town, Cayman Islands.

Using some of the most advanced technology available in the Caribbean, we deliver high-quality medical diagnostic imaging results. 3T Cayman takes an active role in assisting local hospitals and physicians with diagnosing and tracking the progress of their patients’ conditions. We are a reliable resource when every medical imaging detail matters.

Visit the 3T Cayman website for more information.

Our 3T Cayman Team

  • Ramon Fernandez is a Radiographer at Doctors Hospital Imaging.

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    Mr. Ramon Fernandez

  • Tatiana Kosinchar finished Vladivostok State Medical University with an MD diploma in 1999 and practiced as an Ultrasound Physician in Russia.

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    Dr. Tatiana Kosinchar

    Ultrasound Technician/Sonographer
  • Jesantha Kum has 11 years’ experience as a radiographer. She began her career as a radiographer in India during 2007.

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    Ms. Jesantha Kum

  • Dr. Yaron Rado is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Radiologist at Doctors Hospital.

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    Dr. Yaron Rado

    Board Chairman and Chief Radiologist