CTMH Doctors Hospital is proud to present our prize winner of the Ritz Carlton Health Fair with a brand new ‘Bellabeat’ Health Leaf Bracelet. Ritz Employee, Emily Gardner was an active participant of the CTMH Doctors Hospital Booth on May 30th, 2017. During this annual event CTMH Doctors Hospital Staff engaged with the Ritz Carlton Employees by way of showmanship, medical knowledge, respect and of course games with prizes. The hospital staff captured the employee’s attention with an active game of ‘Beach Ball Health Toss’. The employees enjoyed catching a beach ball that determined which Physical Activity you had to achieve based on the location of their right thumb. They showed their active sides by participating in various rounds of 5 pushups, 5 Jumping Jacks, 5 Lunges, 5 Second Squats, and 3 Health related Fact Checks. Throughout the event these two companies shared a bond of trust and fun activities. CTMH Doctors Hospital wanted to share their new goals and show the Ritz Carlton employees that this hospital staff provides exceptional care close to home.

CTMH Doctors Hospital would like to thank the Ritz Carlton for their hard work and planning towards this wonderful event. There was comradery amongst the different booths and businesses all day. Events like these allow for people of Cayman to come together and locally connect. CTMH Doctors Hospital is proud to have been a part of such an illustrious event which matches the code and conduct of its brand. We look forward to this event each year and to new games and prizes! Congratulations to Emily Gardner – Prize Winner – ‘Bellabeat’ Health Leaf Bracelet. These bracelets give you information about all your daily activities, steps taken, duration/ quality of sleep, tame your stress, and so much more!