Doctors Hospital Cayman is a Pink Ribbon Facility with the upgrade of our new Pain Free 3D Mammography & Breast Tomosynthesis Unit. Pink Ribbon Facilities are digital imaging centers recognized as providing excellence in breast health paired with their exceptional commitment and support to the women of their community. At Doctors Hospital you’ll receive caring support and attention whether you come for a routine screening, additional testing, or advanced treatment.

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Pink Ribbon Facility: Recognized for Excellence in Breast Health

The Latest Breast Health News from Doctors Hospital

Our Breast Health Team

  • Dr. Eduardo Barosso MD FACS Dr. Eduardo Barosso is a visiting plastic surgeon with Doctors Hospital. His primary practice is located in Miami, Florida. For over 17 years, Dr. Eduardo Barroso has provided high quality Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery to his patients locally, nationally and internationally. His experience and knowledge combined with a commitment to […]

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    Dr. Eduardo Barroso

    Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Sarath de Alwis – Seneviratne, CMH FRCS, FRCOG, MRCP, FFSRH (UK), FACOG, MRCS, LRCP (Eng), LRCS. (Edin), LRCP (Edin), LRCP&S (Glas), MAACS Master of Surgery Former Head of Department Ob. / Gyn. Cayman Islands Associate Professor St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine Fellow of The Royal College of Obstetricians, Gynecologists & Surgeons (UK) SENIOR […]

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    Dr. Sarath de Alwis

  • Dr. Tanja Ebanks MD FMH (Switzerland) Dr. Ebanks practice includes: Patients can book appointments directly with Dr. Ebanks at 345.946.0067. Visit for more information on Dr. Ebanks.

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    Dr. Tanja Ebanks

    General Surgeon
  • Dr. Dwight Lowe

    Dr. Dwight  Lowe MBBS DM Dr. Dwight Lowe is a visiting Oncologist with Doctors Hospital. Dr. Lowe has been practising out of our Visiting Specialist Clinic since November 2014. Dr. Lowe has more than 12 years of relevant experience having graduated from UWI – Mona with his MBBS followed by his earning of his DM (Clinical […]

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    Dr. Dwight Lowe

  • Dr. Yaron Rado is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Radiologist at Doctors Hospital.

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    Dr. Yaron Rado

    Board Chairman and Chief Radiologist
  • Dr. Darley Solomon MD MBA Dr. Darley Solomon is an attending General Surgeon who has been practising at Doctors Hospital since 2011. Dr. Solomon earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Doctor of Medicine degrees at Howard University in Washington, DC. He then completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Jacobi Medical Center in […]

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    Dr. Darley Solomon

    General Surgeon


Learn more about Breast Tomosynthesis

Less anxiety and short waits for appointments

  • An appointment can be scheduled usually within a week
  • Advanced digital mammography systems can detect even the earliest signs of cancer
  • Proactive care is available for high-risk individuals
  • Options for breast biopsy

Treatment & Therapies

Breast cancer is treated with surgery (either breast conserving procedures or a mastectomy) and radiation therapy. These are referred to as local therapies because they target the tumor directly. However, it is sometimes difficult for your doctor to determine if the cancer cells have spread. In these cases, your doctor will also recommend one or a combination of systemic therapies, which travel through the bloodstream looking for additional cancer cells.

Wellness & Prevention

We highly recommend breast self-examinations.

Beginning in their 20’s, women should be told about the benefits and limitatons of breast self-exam (BSE). Women should be aware of how their breasts normally look and feel and report any new breast changes to a health professional as soon as they are found. Finding a breast change does not necessarily mean there is a cancer.

Click here for our breast self examination guide.