Dr. Ed L. Hansen

Dr. Ed Hansen, PhD MA


Dr. Ed L. Hansen, PhD, MA


Dr. Hansen has C-Level leadership experience and expertise (as CEO, COO, and CFO) in government hospitals and health systems; not-for-profit community hospitals; and corporate, for-profit hospitals. He has been the CEO of an international multi-facility hospital group. His professional experience extends over four decades.

As an employed hospital executive and as a consultant, Dr. Hansen has led major construction activities (opening five international standards hospitals), hospital and clinic service development activities and new healthcare business start-ups, including an award-winning international air ambulance company. He is particularly strong in the areas of operating systems design, implementation, maintenance, re-engineering, and evaluation. He has addressed the Bond Covenant violations of several struggling hospitals. In these cases, he and his teams effectively turned-around their operational and financial performance.

Dr. Hansen led teams in the operational and financial turnaround of five hospitals in the US and one international hospital. He has consulted hospital boards and financial institutions on strategies or the operational enhancement of distressed hospitals. He led the process for different four hospitals in attaining initial accreditation by either JCAHO (US) or JCI (International).

Dr. Hansen has a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Management and a Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Development, specializing in Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations.