As published in Cayman Reporter.

‘Thinner Winner’, a weight and health management programme launched by the CTMH in June 2014 concluded on Friday 22, August with a celebration for all the participants. The pilot programme was spearheaded by Dr. Michelle Mon Desir. She partnered with RVC Rehab Physiotherapist Tenson Edwards who covered the exercise portion of the programme, Heather Lockhart of Behavioral Health Associates Cayman (BHAC) who provided Life Coaching and CTMH Dietician Kousalaya Rozario, who assisted with food planning and nutritional counseling.

This team of professionals worked with the participants individually and as a group to encourage them to take control of their diet and their exercise to lose weight, and increase their self-control in the area of their physical, mental and emotional health. They also advised the participants on how to approach food and exercise in order to take better care of their bodies.

A release from CTMH stated that, “eight participants in the programme lost a collective 84.5 pounds in twelve weeks.  With an average weight loss of more than 10 pounds per participant and percentage fat loss of more than 7.4 per cent on average, each of the eight health care employees came out feeling better, looking better and moving better than when they started back in June.”

Operating Theatre Registered Nurse, Julie Ostendorf, who lost the most weight (20.4 lbs.), was emotional when she stated that, “this is the first time in 10 years that my BMI (Body Mass Index) has been in the normal range and I am determined to keep it there going forward.” She was presented with an incentive prize of a round trip voucher for Cayman Airways by Dr. Steve Tomlinson. Radiology Practice Manager, Ethel Slay came in second place, losing 18.4 lbs. and Medical Office Assistant, Tania Ramgeet came in third place, having lost 17.6 lbs.

“This was a wonderful launch to a programme that CTMH will be now opening up to the wider community and to our new and existing loyal patients who will benefit greatly from the success experienced by this first group. These were the beneficiaries of the expertise and support provided by our dedicated professional team including a medical practitioner, a dietician, a physiotherapist and a life coach to make a difference in the lives of our fellow healthcare workers and staff members. We certainly hope that more people will take advantage of this proven programme when it is next offered to the residents of the Cayman Islands,” said Dr. Tomlinson.

Prizes were donated by RVC Rehab, Beyond Basics Medical and Day Spa, BHAC, Cayman Pharmacy Group and the CTMH.

For more information about the next Thinner Winner competition, please contact Dr. Michelle Mon Desir at the West Bay Clinic at 943 6066.